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Volunteers are the backbone of the EC SARBI therapy program. Throughout the years we have had a variety of volunteers with an array of special talents: singing and playing music, craft making, painting, baking/cooking, gardening, and playing games and puzzles with clients. Therapeutic volunteers come in once or twice a week to assist clients with their physical therapies. In addition, volunteer positions on the EC SARBI Board of Directors are available for 1- or 2-year terms.


We welcome all volunteers who are interested in or care about those who have sustained brain injury due to falls, accident, trauma, stroke, tumor, fever, coma, or innumerable other causes.


If you would like to volunteer a few hours a week to help a survivor of acquired brain injury improve their skills, please contact us at 306.327.4595.





EC SARBI receives its core funding from the Acquired Brain Injury Partnership Project, which develops and implements services and support for survivors of acquired brain injuries and their families. Unfortunately, our core funding does not cover all of the operational costs of our facility; therefore we must rely on community and regional contributions through fundraising efforts, grants, and donations. This support enables us to offer a broad range of activities and experiences to our clients, both at our therapy centre and in our community.


EC SARBI has been very fortunate to have a number of donors who have contributed to our programming. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the individual donors and supporters; your contributions are greatly appreciated.


Monetary donations to EC SARBI can made in-person, sent by mail or sent online at


Memberships to EC SARBI are available for $10.00 a year. Buying a membership to EC SARBI not only means that you can vote on issues at our Annual General Meeting - it also means you support the work we do here! 

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