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EC SARBI Board of Directors 

An eleven member volunteer Board of Directors oversees the governance and business operations of the organization. Most of our current board members have held careers within the medical field (including four Registered Nurses) while others bring experience from years of teaching school, bookkeeping and farming. Three of the current members have been part of the Board of Directors since EC SARBI’s inception. During its formative years, the EC SARBI Board of Directors was fortunate to have local businessman Albert Mennie as chairperson, mentor and supporter. It was through his generosity that we were able to purchase our current facility, located at 231 1st Ave West in Kelvington.



EC SARBI currently employs 3 part-time employees: Executive Director Lauren; Program Coordinator Pat; and Program Assistant Hubert. Hubert is one of EC SARBI’s success stories: after a stroke in 2007, we were able to fully rehabilitate and discharge him in 2009. He was immediately hired on to the EC SARBI staff as he has the unique perspective of a former client. The EC SARBI staff is responsible for overseeing individual client programs, organizing activities and social events, maintenance of the facility and equipment, recruiting and training volunteers, and educating the public on acquired brain injuries.

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