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EC SARBI Ambulatory Rehabilitation Criteria for Admission


1. Priority will be given to:

     a. Those who have no other programming

     b. Clients within 3 years post hospital discharge

     c. Clients with physical limitations who are demonstrating improvement


2. Applicants must be assessed by a physiotherapist or occupational therapist prior to beginning program and must have a copy of their assigned exercise program. 


3. Applicants must not be considered a danger to self or others and must be medically stable.


4. An ideal ratio of one client to one volunteer is our goal.


5. East-Central SARBI Inc. will not be responsible for the cost of transportation to and from the program facility.


6. The applicant or the applicant’s legal guardian must provide consent for treatment.


7. The applicant must be over sixteen (16) years of age or accompanied by a parent or guardian.


8. Admission to East-Central SARBI programs will be contingent upon the assessment findings of East-Central SARBI Ambulatory Rehabilitation consultants.


9. Exception to the above guidelines may be made at the discretion of the Executive Director.

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